Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Erin McNaught

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Erin McNaught

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Erin McNaught

Erin McNaught is one of the sexiest Aussie babes I have ever seen. Born in 1982 in Canberra, Australia, Erin started as a beauty pageant holder by winning the title of Miss Australia 2006. She went on to represent Australia in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant. They allowed her to compete even though she posed topless for Zoo Weekly magazine (which is where this picture comes from). Since 2007, she has hosted to show “Cybershack” seen on Channel 10. While working on a dirt bike racing storing, however, she severed her index finger on her right hand and in 2009 underwent reconstructive surgery to reattach the finger.

In this topless photo taken in 2004, you can see how unbelievably sexy and beautiful this girl is. First, she’s sitting in some sort of creek. This gives her a natural, if not primal, look. Her beautiful brown hair is nice and curly. Her face is young, but porcelain perfect. She has an amazingly slender figure and it shows when you look at her small and perky breasts. They are just sitting out there ready for you to touch them and suck on them a little. You see her long beautiful back with a hint of her perfectly toned ass.

Erin, even with 9 fingers, you are still one of the sexiest Aussies out there.

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