Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Bunch of Aussie Hotties

Sexy Hot Aussies

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Bunch of Aussie Hotties

I have to confess, I have absolutely no idea where these beautiful aussie hotties were or why they are all together, but I just had to include them in the blog because, well, when you have a congregation of this many hot, sexy australian women come to one place, it is a truly magical site.

You have blondes, brunettes, and some in between. Their bodies are rockin and they are young. So no big story here, just enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Anna Paquin

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Anna Paquin

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Anna Paquin

So this one is a bit of a cheat. Anna Paquin is not an Australian woman, but she is a very hot New Zealander with her blond hair and blue eyes. Looking at her striking features and sexy body that she would be more of a sexy Swedish Woman, but trust me, she is all New Zealand.

You may recognize Anna as an actress who has played in such films as "The Piano" and "X-Men". But today, she is probably best known for her part as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO vampire series, "True Blood". In this role, she has really let her sex appeal shine through. It doesn't hurt that the director puts her in skin tight t-shirts and short shorts, but the plot line shows how sexy and hot Anna can be.

There are a number of scenes Anna has to do where she is completely nude. HBO can get away with this more than regular cable can. She is definitely HOT, HOT, HOT!

So Anna, as an honorary Sexy Australian Woman, we salute you!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Naomi Watts

Ausralian Women Photo - Naomi Watts

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Naomi Watts

OK, so we've been concentrating on models for a few posts now so let's get back to the celebs. This very seductive picture is of Naomi Watts. Although Naomi was born in England, she was raised in Australia. I think that counts as an Australian Woman. Besides, she's so smoking hot that she would get a pass anyway. Naomi is extremely famous and has graced the silver screen in movies such as Mulholland Drive, The Ring, and King Kong.

She has that look and demeanor that makes Australian girls so sweet and sexy to me. For Naomi, she has a bit skinnier build, but she still has the blonde hair and blue eyes. Most of all, though, she's sweet. She and Nicole Kidman have a similar look and demeanor. You just know that they are not actresses for the glitz and glamour, but more for the love of what they do.

Naomi is one of the sexies Australian women alive. There is no denying it. In this photo, she's laying back in a see-through top, wearing white, the virgin color. It's a nice blend of naughty and dirty and her clean and sweet appearance.

She is by far one of my favorite Australian Women, and one of the most beautiful at that.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Elyse Taylor

Australian Women Photo - Elyse Taylor

Sexy Hot Australian Babe Model - Elyse Taylor

Elyse is an extremely sexy and hot Australian model. This hottie is so sexy in fact that she has graced the pages of Victoria Secret magazine along with such vixens as Tyra Banks, Elle MacPherson, and various Swedish women.

This picture shows the girl strolling along the beach in her very sexy 2 piece that shows her little titties. Now Elyse doesn't have the biggest of breasts in the world, but she's still a hottie and it works with her smokin' tiny body. She definitely has a pouty look about her and you know she would just drive you crazy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Dannii McAnna

Sexy Hot Australian Model - Dannii McAnna

Sexy Hot Australian Model

This girl is a 22 year old Australian model. She is from the Gold Coast, Queensland and is smokin' hot. She says that she loves everything about modeling and plans to model for many yeats to come.

This picture shows the girl arching her back against near some palm leaves. She has a cute girl next door kind of look, which I just find extremely sexy. Dannii is just one more example of why Australian girls are the most attractive women in the world. The pic shows her as young, blonde, and cute.

In this picture, you will also see that she is genuinely sweet. That is another quality I find with Australian women that I can't find anywhere else in the world.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sexy Australian Women Photo - Jessica Gomes

Sexy Australian Woman Photo - Jessica Gomes

Sexy Hot Australian Model - Jessica Gomes

This sexy Australian model's name is Jessica Gomes. Jessica graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. Now she is not the typical type of girl I've been showcasing here, but she is just too damn hot not to mention. She is an Australian model and she's a mix of Singaporean Chinese and Portuguese. What a mix! I imagine you would’ve never guessed that!

Oh, yeah she was also the hot girl in P. Diddy’s controversial "Unforgivable" video.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Delta Goodrem

Sexy Australian Women Photo - Delta Goodrem

Sexy Hot Australian Model and Singer, Delta Goodrem

This Sexy Australian Woman's name is Delta Goodrem. I'll have to be honest. I found the pic and then I had to look up who this goddess is. Apparently, she is a huge singer and actress extraordinaire in Australia. She was signed to a recording contract at the age of 15 and haven't looked back since.

In this pic, she is strolling down the beach in her white bikini. She is hot, hot, hot!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Unknown Patriot

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Patriotic

Sexy Hot Australian Patriot

I would have loved to see this sexy and smokin' hot girl on a vacation to Australia, but man, this girl is hot. Now this Australian woman epitomizes everything I love about them. She is blonde, young, curvy and oh, so Australian. And what about that Australian bikini!

Not a whole lot to say here. I don't even know who this Australian bombshell is. I just like to look at her.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Isla Fisher

Sexy Hot Australian Actress - Isla Fisher

Now this Australian is super hot! Isla Fisher, the redheaded bombshell who plays the quirky girl next door roles is definitely one of my favorite hot Australian Women. Born in Scotland, this sweetheart has stolen all our hearts. Most of you may have seen her in Wedding Crashers as the psycho sister who has boundary issues. She has also been in some other films that escape me.

But the real story of this smoking HOT mama is this girl's body! She is petite, has perfect curves and she loves to show it off. Unassuming may be a word to describe her, but always, always sexy and hot!

I looked and couldn't find any pictures of her nude and she didn't pose for Playboy, but I'll keep looking. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Portia De Rossi

Australian Woman Photo - Portia De Rossi
Portia was born in Geelong, Australia. Her birth name is Mandy Rogers, but at the age of 15, she changed it to Portia, as a form of teenage rebellion. After high school, she got accepted to the famous Australian university, University of Melbourne, where she attended and studied law. While at school, Portia auditioned for the movie Sirens, a low budget movie that starred Hugh Grant. She was cast as one of three beautiful models in the movie. In 1997, her acting career really started to gain traction. She starred as Murphy in the sequel Scream 2, and in 1998, she performed, for me, her most famous role as Nelle Porter in "Ally McBeal".

Now Portia did come out as a Lesbian and married Ellen DeGeneres a few years back. Some may be turned off by this, but not me. This is one thing that makes this Australian sexier than ever!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Elle MacPherson

Australian Woman Photo - Elle MacPherson
Elle Macpherson is about the sexiest Australian model around. Not only is she an Australian model, but she is also an actress and businesswoman. Elle is most likely best known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She graced the cover a record five times beginning in the 1980s. She made her name as a businesswoman with businesses such as: Elle Macpherson Intimates (lingerie line) and "The Body" (skin care products). Forbes estimates that MacPherson is worth about 60 million pounds sterling.

In addition to her being such an accomplished woman, this Australian is smoking! Looking at this picture above you can see why I bought every issue she was on the cover. There certainly weren't any girls that looked like her around the Austin swimming pools in my neighborhood, I'll tell you that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Skinny Blonde Beer

Sexy Australian Women - Skinny Blonde

So Gents, this Sexy Australian Woman entry is not about an Australian woman at all, but rather 6 of them. Er, these women grace the front of an Australian Beer named Skinny Blonde. Now I don't know what this beer tastes like, but I'm already a fan. You see on each beer, there's a picture of a busty Aussie in a red bikini. Pretty nice already? I know.

It gets better.

Apparently, this wonderful label technology is so amazing that when the beer gets sufficiently warm, the top disappears. Yes, I'm about 13, but like I've said before, I love seeing Australian Women... all of them.

So pick yourself up a six pack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Video

Here are some random Aussie Hotties for your pleasure.

I figured it was time to branch out from the sexy known Australian Women and give you a taste of the everyday.

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