Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women Photo - Isla Fisher

Sexy Hot Australian Actress - Isla Fisher

Now this Australian is super hot! Isla Fisher, the redheaded bombshell who plays the quirky girl next door roles is definitely one of my favorite hot Australian Women. Born in Scotland, this sweetheart has stolen all our hearts. Most of you may have seen her in Wedding Crashers as the psycho sister who has boundary issues. She has also been in some other films that escape me.

But the real story of this smoking HOT mama is this girl's body! She is petite, has perfect curves and she loves to show it off. Unassuming may be a word to describe her, but always, always sexy and hot!

I looked and couldn't find any pictures of her nude and she didn't pose for Playboy, but I'll keep looking. :)

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