Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Tammin Sursock

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Tammin Sursock

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Tammin Sursock

Tammin Sursock is an Australian actress and musician. She isn't exactly the type of
Australian woman I exhibit on this blog, but this girl is so sexy that I couldn't help it. Her most prominent role was on the "Young and the Restless" where she plays a pouty girl that tends to use sex appeal to get her way.

Let's face it, this girl has enough to go around. She has beautiful brown hair and an hourglass figure that just won't quit. That's not what makes her a bombshell, though. It's those pouty lips that really make her a knockout.

In searching for Tammin's picture to use here, it wasn't easy. It turns out that she doesn't take a whole lot of sexy pictures. After that process, I started liking Tammin even more. You see, when you don't flaunt you sexy body and beautiful face, that makes me want you even more.

Tammin has that personality, which is key.

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