Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Tiah Eckhardt

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Tiah Eckhardt

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Tiah Eckhardt

Tiah Eckhardt is one of the sexiest Australian models alive. Now with her wild red hair you may think that she’s not Australian, maybe Irish, but trust me that she is all Australian. In looking for this photo, it was hard to find one where she wasn’t topless. She loves to show her breasts in her spreads, so to speak. And why wouldn’t you want to show them? They are spectacular!

The red hair does complement the piercing blue eyes, though. She has it all. As I mentioned before, she is a model and has worked for a number of agencies in New York and has appeared in a number of commercials for a number of product lines.
But, here, we always talk about the girl and the picture. Although this picture is not obscene, it’s pretty damn close. In this pic, Tiah shows her bad girl side by wearing the leather jacket and heavy make-up. What makes this picture spectacular, however, is that she isn’t wearing any clothes from the waist down and she’s crouched in a very naughty position. This is what makes her so sexy. You see, it’s the attitude and free spirit that makes her sexy and hot more than what body part she cares to show.

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