Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Dannii Minogue

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Dannii Minogue

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Dannii Minogue

Sorry Dannii McAnna, there's a new Dannii in town.

Dannii Minogue is an Australian pop singer and actress. She got her first big break when she starred in the Australian soap opera, “Home and Away”. She’s probably also better known as the younger sister of the singer Kylie Minogue, but don’t let that fool you. Dannii has made a mark on this world all her own. In 2001, she release the worldwide top hit, “Who do you love now?” which is still her biggest success. More recently, you have probably seen her as a judge on “Australia’s got talent”.
I really like this picture of Dannii because not only does it show just how unbelievably sexy this woman is, but it also shows the playful side. You can see that she has this beautiful porcelain skin that, when wearing the proper make up, results in a striking appearance. Her hair is super curly and sexy tossed away from her body. Her legs are absolutely spectacular and the rest of her body is super toned so you know that she works out. This picture also shows her amazing breasts. I mean, especially for a woman her age, she has some crazy firm and perky breasts that are shown off very well in this bra.

The last thing I would point your attention to is her very flirty look about her in the face. It’s like she’s looking up at you with a wanting look in her eyes and her smile isn’t really a smile at all. It’s more like a smirk. It’s almost like she was thinking a dirty thought and is half ashamed of herself and half proud of herself.

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