Monday, February 22, 2010

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Imogen Bailey

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Imogen Bailey

Sexy Hot Australian Women - Imogen Bailey

Imogen Bailey is a beautiful and well known Australian actress and singer. Born in 1977 in Canberra, Australia, Bailey has had a nice career on the small screen in Australia. She’s been on a few reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Survivor, but her most famous part and the part that really made her a household name in Australia was her 58 episode stint on the show “Neighbours” where she played Miranda Parker’s little sister that got involved with a number of controversial encounters including an incestuous relationship with her cousin.

This picture shows just how sexy Imogen is. I mean, she’s crawling on a beach, for God’s sake. This photo shows her beautiful blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Her eyes are looking at you not in the friendliest of ways. They’re actually looking at you as if to say, “Look all you want. You’ll never have this!” We won’t hold that against her, though.

She is hot, hot, hot in this gold bikini and it works perfectly in that tanned bronze skin of hers. The last thing to mention is that if you look closely, right above the bikini bottoms is at least part of a tattoo. I knew this girl was dirty!

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